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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor;

The present situation in Israel, I believe, is a direct outcome of not having corrected the law of Mi Hu Yehudi ["Who is a Jew"], apparent from their parallels. In Mi Hu Yehudi gentiles are taking over their inheritance, Judaism being killed off. The Jewish inheritance that is meant to remain Jewish eternally is being taken over by gentiles. The parallel is painfully obvious. Mi Hu Yehudi is continually damaging, at an ever-spreading, growing rate, affecting the very core, essence and life of the Jewish nation, may Hashem protect us.

It begins with conversions performed other than according to Jewish law. A person doing this is not aware that he is launching a ballistic missile aimed at the very heart of the Jewish nation, the major difference being that his actions continue to damage.

This is also apparent in the fact that goyim are sitting in the Knesset, voting on our Jewish future, as they did on Mi Hu Yehudi, and bringing in the present government, which is causing so much anguish to our Jewish nation all over the world. The law of Mi Hu Yehudi, besides being against the Torah, is also illogical; it makes no sense.

To save Israel, in the physical and spiritual sense, this law has to be changed to read Kehalacha - but even more importantly, those who until now have been performing these so-called conversions, to the detriment not only of our nation but of those proselytes themselves, should forth with begin to act Kehalacha, not because of the logic in it but because this is what Hashem wants of us, as expressed in our holy Torah.

This, then, will bring about the Im Bechukosai Telechu that, if you will follow my statues (a statute being a law above intellect, and the reason for observing this is that they are "My" statutes), then venosati sholom do-oretz ("I will give peace to the land and none shall be afraid," as Hashem promised in the Torah.

This will come about by the advent of the coming of Moshtach Ben Dovid, who is a descendant of Ruth, a proselyte according to Halacha, and may this take place very soon. Omein.

Hirschel Pekkar
Brooklyn, New York

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