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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Please can you help. I was one of the boys in England who joined the Brigade early Oct 1946. We soon were transported to Italy a place called Tarvisio and there befriended a young Hungarian called Marcowitch, probably not correctly as there are so many variations of that name. He had escaped various concentration camps etc. etc.

Although he was in the 1st Battalion acting as a batman to an Officer, and I was in the second Battalion. We had exciting times. As an example we got to know some Italian girls who were actively trying to take revenge on the German soldiers hiding in the caves waiting to be rescued by the Red Cross, They made home made grenades filled with petrol and at night would throw them into these caves, because all their loved ones, fathers brothers had been killed by them because of their resistance activities.

We made it one of our jobs to prevent them from causing further bloodshed. My greatest ambition now is to find this guy if he is still alive. Please do you know of a way I could find him? I was known as Eugene Fisher, nicknamed Peter No. 14456800 and ended up as a staff sergeant. Plenty of photographs, etc.


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