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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Its doesn't look good anywhere you go. I feel for the Jewish community and the Jewish people. I don't know why everybody can't just stop one day and say thats it I'm going to get along with everyone, no matter what. But it just doesn't seem to work, does it. But the day of redemption is coming.

I'm a Christian if you couldn't already tell. In the Jewish people is the hope for the whole world but try to explain that to everyone.

I agree with everything you said in your article but its not just Harlem its everywhere.Someday and it looks like its more sooner than later the MESSIAH is comming. We need to all hang in there together and keep our heads up, its not long coming and remember ,

"ADONI. ma-em Etz're." My help cometh from the LORD

Douglas Kern
Via the Net

ps: I'm not a Bible thumping Christian but I do read the Bible and believe in what it says and the Jewish people are on the top of the list according to the way I understand the Bible.


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