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Where is the Outrage?

The silence is truly deafening!

The United Nations says nothing. The countries throughout the world say nothing. Every major and minor religion and religious leader say nothing. And the saddest commentary of all is that the Moslem religion and every Islamic religious and secular leader says absolutely nothing.

Can it be that suicide bombing is now an acceptable religious, moral and political activity? Since when has detonating yourself in order to murder the maximum number of defenseless infants, children, women and men been the way to pray to Allah?

It is hard to believe that the Moslem religion condones such behavior. However if it does, then this religion should be condemned. It should be declared as evil personified. No consideration should be given to any religion that preaches murder that is so vile and destructive.

On the other hand if Islam does in fact consider suicide bombing against non-military personnel a sin against its religion WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE SAY SO?

After September 11th, political and religious leaders in this country urged Americans and the people of the world, not to attack the Moslem religion that in fact it was a great and a good religion as were its followers.

Why are these great and good Moslems and Moslem religious leaders struck dumb and speechless regarding the unimaginable evil perpetrated by this cadre of suicide bombers? Where is their outrage against these terrible murders?

Why don't they speak about the immorality of these acts? Why don't they preach that there are no 72 virgins awaiting these terrorists when they blow themselves up? That there is no Mohammed waiting to welcome them to heavenly bliss? That there is no Allah proud and thankful of their march to martyrdom?

Where is the outrage?

Apparently it is nowhere. Could it be that the Moslem world, and the rest of the world, wants only one thing? The destruction of Israel and the extermination of Jews. If actions speak louder than words [what words?] then I guess the answer is obvious for all to see.

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