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When The Pope Talks, Everyone Listens!

An amazing aspect of Pope John Paul II's historic trip to Israel is the importance placed on each place he visits, every action he takes and every statement he makes. The Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority, every Jewish and Muslim and Christian group and organization, and of course all the news analysts hang on every word uttered ready to interpret the Pope's English into their own version of English.

For those who believe that Bill Clinton is a master at parsing words, imagine the respect that they must be paying to the Pope's challenges this week. He is visiting the major hot spots in terms of politics and religion and is obviously aware of how delicate he must be in speaking meaningfully to a world wide audience that is paying rapt attention. What a position of power for this remarkable man of peace to be in. And so many Palestinians, Israelis, Jews, Muslims, and Christians are so anxious for positive movements in the peace process that he becomes a possible lightning rod for action.

Let us pray that each side is not so focused on how to make the Pope's words affirm their points of view that they take their eyes off the goals of finding a way for Arabs and Jews to live side by side without violence.

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