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It's well past the time that Jews and other whites in New York demand that anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric be dealt with just as harshly and vigorously as anti-Black hate speech and bias acts. And once and for all, the vile hater and hoaxter, Al Sharpton, who never saw a boycott he didn't like, should be totally discredited and relegated to the trash heap for all time.

The Harlem Massacre, where Jews and other whites were targeted for death by execution and for economic extinction by boycott and intimidation, should mark the beginning of the end for tolerance of the blatantly biased practices used and apparently condoned by far too many, who have been far too silent, for far too long.

Just as the use of certain words against Blacks, such as the word today only known by an initial (the "N" word), is tantamount to committing the worst crime imaginable (and even sways juries to disregard facts based on their disgust of the terminology), so too should other words be "outlawed". I'm referring to the pejorative "C" word...cracker. This term, which characterizes all whites as contemptible and unworthy of being considered as good human beings, is racist, abominable, and its use in contentious situations should be enough to label its use as hate speech and bias in the first degree. Also, the use of the word bloodsucker in conjunction with the word Jewish is a generalization, is despicable and is hate speech. It must no longer be tolerated.

The phrase "Uncle Tom", used to shut up any Black person that doesn't go along with, or criticizes, the militant Black agenda, is an anti- freedom of choice term that must be terminated as well. Blacks should certainly be allowed to criticize other Blacks that are exhibiting anti-Jewish, anti-white or anti-Asian behavior without hearing the racist retort of "Uncle Tom".

There are many more racially divisive words, whose users should undergo that liberal invention - "sensitivity training", such as the "W" word (Whitey), the "B" word (Brother) - as in the Brothers can leave, the Jews can die). But rather than go through the racial alphabet, the matter of freedom in the United States must be addressed.

Freddy's clothing store and Bargain World, both established in Harlem and owned by Jews, have every right in America to run a business, whether or not the surrounding community is black, white, yellow, Hasidic, Hindu, Rastafarian, punk rockers or bible belters. Protestors who try to threaten them and run them out of town because of their color or religion or both should be kept far from the businesses they are picketing and should be picketed themselves. Those living in the neighborhood, the politicians, the church leaders and other business owners and merchant associations must realize their silence conveys consent and only encourages the haters.

However, in the Harlem incident, the protestors, their high priest, Reverend Al Sharpton, and the head of the 125th Street Vendors' Association, Morris Powell, spewed their hate speech - their anti-Jewish and anti-white trash talk on the streets, on the radio and who knows where else, with impunity. Nobody challenged them. Nobody said it was wrong. Nobody called them out for being racists. And nobody tried to shut them down or shut them up.

Only after 8 people are killed and 1 store is burned down are there some voices of protest...but not all voices. Congressman Charles Rangel finally denounced what happened. Where were his denunciations prior to the murders. And what will it take for him to denounce the perpetrators of racial hatred the next time.

The same goes for every other politician and all the church leaders. And what about every teacher and school administrator who should be using examples such as this to teach our youth how to be tolerant and live together, not how to be racist and die for being different.

A full program to immobilize every segment of our population against anti-Semitism from escalating into an open hunting season against Jews is long overdue. This should start with the Police Department, whose 25,000 members are on the streets and should be most aware of what dangerous situations can escalate into bloodshed. Then the "troublemakers" should be confronted by the police to ascertain how serious the problem is. If it appears to be a group of "interlopers" (color is optional), then politicians, church leaders, school officials must mobilize and use their bully pulpits to counter the hucksters and haters. There should be Sunday sermons in church, special assembly programs in the schools, and politicans facing down the anti- Semites by protesting the protestors and telling them to get lost and stay lost.

And we don't need people shopping for goodies on these troubled streets, but stopping the baddies. When and only when our leaders have the courage to lead and good people understand the need to "dis" the discriminators, will their awareness and their action help to end the madness.

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