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Terrorism Knows No Boundaries

Any country, group of people or structure can be a target for terrorists. The bombing in Saudi Arabia proved that once again. The feelings of loss, anger, frustration and a desire for vengeance are felt by us all.

This being an election year, President Clinton's strong rhetoric may yield some results but it seems unlikely to do so.

Fighting Terrorism wherever it strikes, however, may be the best way to insure that the chance of more Americans being killed by future terror attacks will be greatly reduced.

No expense in terms of money, manpower, and intelligence gathering should be spared utilizing every resource of every country we can to hunt down those responsible for perpetrating, planning and funding these terrorists.

Then they should be executed, Covertly... Overtly... it doesn't matter, No extradition proceedings... no trials... only swift retribution and sweet justice. Scum deserve no more.

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