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Outrage in Iran

Ever since the Iran Hostage Crisis of the late 1970's, when Iran allowed our Embassy and its personnel to be violated, Iran has shown the world that it is a rogue nation devoid of the characteristics that would allow it a respected place among the nations of the world. It has reaffirmed its unworthiness once again by perpetrating false prosecution and sentencing of 13 Jews born and living in their country suspected of spying for Israel.

Such a blatant act of anti-Semitism, based solely on the fact that the accused were Jewish, demands the harshest reaction from the international community. Until each and every one of the "Iran 13" are set free, every means possible, every method of coercion, boycotts, and ostracism must be used against this pariah nation.

Let Iran know in no uncertain terms, that there is a dear price to be paid for this outrage against Jews simply because they are Jewish. Just like the nations of the world have traditionally bashed Israel for every perceived act, retaliating against its enemies, let them now rise up against Iran with even more deserving demands for justice. With all that Israel have given up-with little nothing in return-for peace-certainly Jews around the world have earned the right to be treated fairly and not asa political football in any Moslem country.

There is some consolation in the fact that the death penalty was not imposed as a sentence and that 3 of the suspects were declared innocent. But that hardly excuses the facts of this sordid affair. The judge was also prosecutor and jury. Journalists and human rights observers were banned from the trial. In Iran, it is illegal to teach Hebrew and Jewish schools are outlawed. Although the accused were imprisoned since March 1999, they were not allowed to speak to lawyers until just before the trial began. Whatever evidence there was, if any, has been keep secret except for the so-called confessions which no reasonable person can believe.

Every effort by every person, group, country, international organization, especially the media, must put every pressure to bear to convince Iran to rescind its dastardly decision.

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