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Never Again

Never again should Jews stand by, for any reason, and let other Jewish lives be put at risk. And, as we have learned by hard example, we can never expect anyone else in the world to get involved in saving Jewish lives. That is why we cannot sit back and accept, as a fact of life, that Jews will be killed in Israel every day, day after day, until the Palestinian terrorists run out of bullets.

Israel is a country under attack. No other country in the world would allow its citizens to be shot at, its buses, shopping centers, pizza parlors and night clubs bombed, its cars on the road open to sniper attacks, and its men, children, and tourists targeted for death. And no other country would, or should, let outside public opinion deter them in any way from protecting their people from attack.

Prime Minister Sharon is justified in sending in the army to Palestinian controlled areas that are shelling Israeli towns. The Palestinian's intent is murder and mayhem which is unacceptable. Even if there is the predictable anti-Israeli international response to Sharon's actions, then Israel must maintain that the lives and safety of its citizens are at stake and that there is a war atmosphere that Arafat has created with this new Intifada which is totally counter to the Oslo Accords. Israel must reiterate that every obligation the PA had to enact for the concessions Israel has made has been ignored. The PA's resistance to fulfill its obligations (while they demand Israel give up even more) must be met with a mantra calling for the adherence to the safety of Israel's citizens. The real battles and the PR battles must be fought side by side and day by day. Whenever it is necessary to respond to the press Israel should recite the litany of promises that have never been, and may never be, carried out by the PA. Among these is a critical item that the Palestinians change their textbooks and stop poisoning their children against Jews and Israelis. But how futile is such a basic step towards one day becoming a peaceful neighbor when the hatred against Israel is so widespread and so pervasive.

The most chilling news of all are the recent reports that the families of suicide bombers are being paid for their "sacrifices" by countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and others. This supposedly amounts to a lump payment of $5,000 and a monthly amount of about $250 to each of the dead bombers' families and the PA is reportedly contributing $2,000 lump payments and $250 per month in blood money. The message that Palestinian youth are worth more dead than alive and valued more as dead "martyrs" than as live citizens is appalling. It will likely make youngsters, who should be in school preparing for productive lives, be drawn to destroying themselves in what they are being taught is an act of glory.

Don't hold your breath for the UN to condemn these fiendish acts for blood money. Don't strain your eyes watching for the reports in the media. And don't wrack your brain trying to figure out why left wing "peace at any cost" journalists and liberal do-gooders will never condemn such violent acts against Israel. But do tell your government representatives and your President that these actions are not acceptable among civilized people. Do send letters to the editor to your newspapers decrying the double standard used against Israel. Do attend rallies supporting Israel. Do encourage your synagogue, organizations and friends to go to Israel, walk in the streets, visit the sites, eat in the restaurants and party with the people. Do continue, or start, to buy Israel Bonds, plant trees with Jewish National Fund and stand with Israel and by Israel during these trying times. And finally, do understand that when lives of the citizens of Israel are at stake the government of Israel is the legitimate authority that should determine how best to defend those lives regardless of the means or methods it must employ.

The Israeli people are precious. Each and every one of them. Negotiations to live with their neighbors can cover many areas. It cannot discard the lives of the citizens. Perhaps the Palestinians are willing to put a price on the life of their living bombs, but Israel must protect its people against Arafat's warriors by any means necessary and world public opinion be damned.

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