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Jewish Post Goes Global

In Conjunction with our New Year issue, THE JEWISH POST OF NEW YORK is going on the internet. Now those who surf the World Wide Web will have the opportunity to become familiar with the JEWISH POST.

Whether one has an interest in Jewish affairs, Israel, Anti-Semitism, the middle east, slavery, terrorism, recipes, religion, Black-Jewish relations or Christian-Jewish relations to name a few areas, then one will be able to visit with THE JEWISH POST.

These welcome visitors can get a taste of our publication. They can read some of our top stories, become more informed about topics of common interest and interact with us. They can respond to our stories and editorials by sending their own message back to us which we can then share with our readers.

The potential reach of THE JEWISH POST will now be extended to the multi millions of computer users across the globe. We are delighted.

We are still looking for volunteer reporters and photographers who want to get more involved with Jewish issues in their communities - graphic artists who want experience - proofreaders who cringe at our typos - computer aficionados who can help enrich the information available at our web site - or those who have a few hours to help around the office - are all welcome to join us as we move on to this exciting new frontier of international communications.

Those companies who want to advertise to an ever expanding audience - please call us. We can design fabulous packages which even include other media (daily papers, ethnic media, radio, TV) usually at discount prices. Those who want a career in advertising sales - welcome aboard what could be a financially rewarding voyage.

And last but not least, our faithful readers and loyal advertisers - thanks for your past support and encouragement.

The best is yet to come.

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