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In Search of "Good" Muslims

Would you rather be a politically correct terrorist victim or use every intelligent means at your disposal to keep you, your family, your friends and your fellow Americans alive?

I sure don't have to think too long to answer that question. Frankly I choose life and I hope you do too.

We know all the terrorists were Muslims. We know almost all were from the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. We know they were all fanatics willing to give up their own lives to inflict death and destruction on our country and our people. And we also know there was a lot of support for them from around the Muslim world.

Our public officials, from the Mayor to the President and our religious leaders from all faiths have been telling us that Bin Laden, the al Qaeda and their brethren in crime have hijacked the Islamic religion and perverted it and that we should not judge all Muslims or all Arabs by the actions of these few terrorists. Well, if these people have hijacked Islam, where are the voices of the millions upon millions of the followers of Islam that feel the same way? Why don't we see rallies around the world with soccer stadiums filled with Muslims denouncing Bin Laden and his brand of Islam? Why are the mosques in our country so deathly silent?

I want the so-called "good" Muslims to be enraged against those "bad" Muslims that supposedly distorted their religion. They should disown them. Excommunicate them. Preach against them. Tell their co-religionists and family members exactly how and why they are misguided. If the "good" Muslims do not do these things then I have no sympathy for how they may be perceived by the public at large.

Furthermore, I want to see the Muslims here in America probing into those living among them to locate the evildoers so they may be brought to justice. If they don't want to be linked to terrorists let them be the first line of defense to help identify the bad guys. Let them come to the FBI when they see something or someone that is suspicious. And that goes for Muslims around the world as well.

Don't tell me how terrific Islam is. Don't tell me not to be alert to anyone looking or speaking Arabic if I plan to board a plane. Don't tell me how sorry Muslims are about the September 11th killings. Show me, by example, so that I can truly believe what you tell me. Frankly I am sick and tired of hearing Muslims talk the talk. It's time they started walking the walk.

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