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The Kotel's Tunnels
A must to every tourist

By: Gad Nahshon

Recently I decided to enrich myself and my family with a unique experience: I toured the underground Kotel's tunnels. It is a must see for every Jew, for every Jewish child as well as for any tourist who visits Israel and Jerusalem.

Inside the mysterious tunnels you are facing your roots and identity as a Jew because you can see the remains of ancient Jerusalem and the second Temple. You can even touch the burned stones. The remains of the old city that was destroyed by Titus in the year 70 A.D. You can see in these tunnels the greatness of Herod's building craze. And at the end of these tunnels you walk inside the narrow tunnel that was built by the Hasemonians in order to bring water to the holy city.

Today the Israelis define this tunnel as the 'Netanyahu Tunnel' because of the Palestinian riots which took place when the exit to this tunnel was opened. When I passed through I found myself on Via Dolorosa. The exit is located under a school and has nothing to do with holiness or hurting any feelings of a non-Jew. You are simply on a regular street on which there is regular traffic as well. It is clear to every tourist that the P.L.O. simply used the event to initiate the Palestinians to riot. As a result, sad to say, 15 people were killed. Of course the timing of the opening of this exit was very bad.

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