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Morris Nachtomi, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Tower Air (Nasdaq National Market: TOWR) has been selected "Man of the Year" by the 1997 graduating class of Aviation High School, Queens, New York.

Aviation High School, a public school, provides New York City residents with a complete academic and technical education. The curriculum, developed within the framework of the Federal Aviation Administration mandates, is created to propel students into the even technologically changing aviation industry.

Co-founded by Morris Nachtomi in 1982 Tower Air today, under his direction, is one of the busiest carriers at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Tower Air, with over 1,800 employees, employs 1,725 in Queens, New York.

Earlier this year Aviation High School began an internship program with Tower Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport, whereby students can earn high school and college credit and work experience.

"One of the primary objectives of Goal 2,000, which brings education into the 21st century, is to bridge the gap between school and career," said Eileen Taylor, principal, Aviation High School, "and we rely on industry partners. Mr. Nachtomi has shown true support--which helps us in developing successful programs."

"Tower Air is committed to the community, and to developing future talent--and Aviation High couldn't be a better partner," says Mr. Nachtomi who began his aviation career 45 years ago with Israel's El Al Airlines. "The school's academic staff is one of the finest in the city, with many collective years of such diverse experience as engineering, research, the performing arts, publishing, accounting and law--and I'm proud to be associated with it."

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