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Jerusalem's Only Four-Star Hotel and Kibbutz

Nestled comfortably in Jerusalem's hills, the architecturally distinctive Mitzpeh Ramat Rachel Hotel, is blessed with at least two other attributes.

It is Jerusalem's only four-star hotel that comes with a kibbutz attached, and most of its rooms have some of Israel's most spectacular views. On one side the facility overlooks the Judean Desert and Bethlehem, while on the other it overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem a mere 8 minute drive away.

Founded in l926 by pioneers from Poland, Russia, and Germany, the history of Kibbutz Ramat Rachel reflects the history of Israel. Initially designed as a small kibbutz on the southern periphery of Jerusalem, the city expanded to the edge of the kibbutz so that today the two are almost inseparable.

The hotel, built ln l987, has a recognizable Jerusalem multi-level style of architecture that allows the building to blend in with its hilly surroundings. Currently it has 93 air-conditioned rooms, most with a balcony overlooking a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape.

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