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IHF Announces Major Expansion

Establishes Non-Profit Foundation in Israel and a Philanthropic and Educational Fund in U.S.

The Israel Histadrut Foundation, Inc. (IHF) has announced a major expansion program to increase its funding of educational, healthcare, senior citizens' and children's village programs and other humanitarian projects in Israel and America.

An essential part of the program, according to Marvin M. Sirota, IHF president, is the establishment of direct links with agencies in Israel which IHF has been supporting for nearly four decades. To facilitate these links, an IHF non-profit corporation, the Israel Humanitarian Foundation, Ltd., has been formed in Israel to enable IHF to make direct contributions to various programs there. The new foundation will evaluate all projects proposed to IHF and will supervise and monitor all funds it transmits to various beneficiaries. Mr. Sirota notes that through the Israel Humanitarian Foundation, IHF is now able to offer donors a wide variety of deserving projects at different funding levels.

IHF Working Directly with Recipients

The decision of the Histadrut in Israel to move away somewhat from its historic role as principal supporter of a myriad of social service agencies has made it necessary for IHF to work directly with Amal, Mishan and Kaput Holim, which had been Histadrut supported agencies. These organizations have provided vocational education, medical care, research, schooling, residential facilities for senior citizens, children's villages, cultural centers and other humanitarian services to over 65% of Israel's population.

IHF has created a number of funds as part of its expansion program. These include The Amal Fund, which supports science, technology and education in Israel; The Mishan Fund which provides funding for children's and senior citizens' projects in Israel; The Israel Healthcare Fund, which supports health programs, hospital and medical research through the Kaput Holim and other agencies, and The Israel Humanitarian Fund which fulfills the unfilled needs of men, women and children by supporting a wide variety of humanitarian programs in Israel.

IHF Expands Horizon

To serve the Jewish Community in North America, IHF has created The Philanthropy and Education Fund to support humanitarian programs which focus on social, educational and health needs of Jewry here.

Mr. Sirota said that projects already in place under the IHF expansion program include the funding of a computer laboratory at the Hillel Elementary School in Ramat Gan, the provision of emergency telephone assistance for elderly Israelis who could not afford this life saving service, and the establishment of a new biotechnology laboratory at a high school training Israeli students in biotechnology engineering, biochemistry, chemistry and microbiology. Future contemplated projects also include the funding of genetic research for Alzheimer's disease.

"As the Israeli government cuts back on its funding of education and social services agencies, our mission takes on even greater importance in serving the well being of the Jewish people," Mr. Sirota added.

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