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Cyber Chanukah
"Dreidle, Dreidle I made it out of... Silicon!"

By Louie Volpe

OY! Its that time of year again. Time for those hassling white bearded guys outside Macy*s. Time for those crowds at Bloomies, Saks and Fortunoff. Time to get out the candles, dust off the Menorah, and fry up those latkes. Yes boys and girls it time for Chanukah! OY!

And in the spirit of the season we have 8 holiday gift suggestions that should make those boys and girls, young and old, on your holiday gift list happy little campers indeed.

With the explosion in home computers, the Internet, and multimedia there are now many great Jewish holiday gifts to fit all your needs.

For the first night of Chanukah why not give the youngest on your list "BagelHead to the Rescue", an entertaining storybook and read-along/ sing-along audio cassette tape.

Set against the backdrop of Jewish holidays and celebrations this exquisitely designed and colorful storybook and enjoyable cassette tape is a welcome addition to any child's or grandchild's bookshelf. You can find more information about "BagelHead to the Rescue" at their website at

On the second night of Chanukah why not surprise your music lover with "The Songs of Solomon - Vol. 1: Music for the Sabbath" from PRO GLORIA MUSICAE.

Featuring the first modern recording of the Jewish sacred music of Salomone Rossi, the most famous Jewish musician of the Italian Renaissance, "Songs of Solomon" is considered to be the oldest written Jewish music.

Experience the musical affirmation of the Jewish faith and heritage in this unique collection of haunting and powerful acapella Hebrew music. You can find more information about "The Songs of Solomon - Vol. 1: Music for the Sabbath" at their website at

For the third night of Chanukah "Sammy's Guide to the Jewish Holidays" CD-ROM will bring Chanukah fun and joy to the children on your list. Join Sammy as he takes his visitor on a bright, colorful and fun trip through the Jewish year and holidays with simple animations and fun sing-along holiday songs. Playable on both a Mac and PC,t "Sammy's Guide to the Jewish Holidays"

As the winter light fades on the fourth night of Chanukah look ahead to springtime and another Jewish holiday with the CD-ROM "Passover - The Exodus from Egypt". This Windows based CD-ROM from D.E.E (Danor Educational Entertainment) offers a detailed look at the holiday of Pesach. With games, stories and holiday songs this is a great holiday resource.

On the 5th day of Chanukah my true love gave to me...a Star of David Dreamcatcher from Dreamcatch-Your Spirit by the artist Eric Rayburn.

What don't know what a Dreamcatcher is? It is a Native Americans belief that hanging a Dreamcatcher over your bed attracts pleasant dreams. While your unpleasant dreams will be caught in its web and melt in the morning sunlight. For more information you can visit the website of Canyon Trading Post at

As the 6th candle burns how about something really different? Try the Compact Disc "Transmigrations" by Wolf Krakowski. Krakowski sings a dozen heartfelt Yiddish songs to the beat of his beloved country-rock, reggae, and rhythm-and-blues. By mixing Yiddish folksong, show tunes and ghetto lider with the sensuous and gritty rhythms of world-beat soul, Krakowski take us on a rich, emotion-packed, provocative and intriguing musical odyssey. You can find more information and sound clips at the Kame'a Media website -

On the 7th night remember those little ones still trying to tackle the finer points of Hebrew as they learn the Alefbet with the "Letters, Vowels, Sounds" software from Dor L'Dor. Available for both the Mac and Windows, learning Hebrew has never been easier or more fun! You can find more information and software demos at Dor L'Dor's website -

On the 8th and final night of Chanukah, point those new computer and modem owners in the direction of our special Chanukah website - Chanukah on the Net,

Visit our award winning website for a fun and colorful celebration of the Festival of Lights. Read about the Maccabees and the history of the holiday, learn how to play the game of dreidle and then "spin" our virtual dreidle. Stop by each day to light your own menorah. Sing along with the holiday music.

Chanukah on the Net is sponsored by the Jewish Post of New York and Studio Melizo.

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