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$1409 Million in Investments Announced
Finance Minister Stresses Continued Importance of Israel Bonds

More than $140 million of securities issued by State of Israel Bonds were purchased here as more than 500 community leaders throughout the United States and Canada, members of the prestigious Prime Minister's Club, gathered to launch the 1997 Israel Bonds Campaign.

The pacesetting dinner was addressed by Israel Finance Minister Dan Meridor, who pledged that the Israeli government would "provide whatever it takes to ensure the continued success of the Bonds program." He said that the bonds organization, though its investment opportunities, is a vital link between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.

Gideon Patt, who held leading cabinet positions in the administrations of Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir and Shimon Peres, spoke of the crucial role that Israel Bonds has played in the growth and economic success of Israel. "In the future, when the history of the Jewish people and Israel over the last 50 years is written, Israel Bonds will be singled out as one of the important establishments --if not the most important one-- contributing to the well being of Jewish communities all over the world and the tremendous development of Israel.

Mr. Patt, making his inaugural national appearance as President of Israel Bonds, said he was gratified by the outpouring of investment dollars generated by the excitement of the event and the stated intentions of the Israeli government to back the program. "We are off to a good start towards our goal of more than 900 million for 1997," he said.

Both Finance minister Meridor and Mr. Patt said that the Bonds purchases will mobilize financial resources for Israel and strengthen and develop the infrastructure that is necessary for economic growth and prosperity.

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