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Complete Transcript of the "Hate Tape"
Inflamatory Words that Caused Fire at Freddy's

For years, anti-Semitic and racist hate-mongering has been broadcast shamelessly by all the major black radio stations. In the months before the Harlem Massacre, the Reverend Al Sharpton and others broadcast a series of rallies attacking non-black Harlem store owners in the vilest of terms. The arson which killed 8 people at Freddy's clothing store on December 9, truly proved that those broadcasts were inflammatory, and those words, incendiary.

The Jewish Action Alliance has been taping these stations for years and therefore was able quickly to provide tape copies of these broadcasts to the police and press. The Jewish Post has had this tape professionally transcribed. Unlike the New York Times, the New York Post, and the Daily News, all of which printed just a few excerpts, all the relevant material on the JAA tape -- which may put Al Sharpton out of business -- is printed below!

Complete Transcripts of the Following Broadcasts

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