WWRL -- Sharpton rally -- 9/16/95

Morris Powell:

"And there's a reason why we're in this predicament that we're in as a people, in being disrespected and abused and misused, is because of the fact that we do not behave in a normal way. We behave abnormally. The closer we become to behave normal, certain things we will hold dear to us, especially when it come to our economics, and we will have to deal with that. Now we have a boycott with Freddy's.

Freddy's is tryin' to run a very well-established black man out of business, who been at that location for fifteen years, been doin' business in Harlem for the last twenty-five years. And this Freddy's, a Jewish department store, located at 272 West 125th Street, want the space, his space, at 274 West 125th Street, to sell that garbage that he's sellin'. Freddy's is a part of the Conway Department Stores, so when you see Conway, that's sayin' Fred's. We got flyers out. We printed up, we passed out thousands of flyers so far. I'm gonna send somebody out there today in front of the store to pass flyers out, and I'm lookin' for sometime next week to throw a picket on that store from the Buy Black Steering Committee. We're not gonna stand idly by and see these people consistently run our peoples out of business."

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