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A new online Jewish service directory is making a big impact.

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Established in 2008, Jewocity is a large, diverse directory where Jews from all over the U.S. can gather to find businesses, items for sale and classifieds. The site has grown rapidly since it was founded. It now lists over 47,000 Jewish-owned businesses, with many thousands of reviews included.

It’s also a great place to post such offerings – a basic listing is absolutely free. You can find or post anything – a business, a service, a job, an event, houses, rentals, books, toys, clothing, electronics or jobs.

Shai Neubauer, the creator, talked to us about his site and his vision for benefiting the Jewish community.  “Jewocity is the largest Jewish business directory online,” says Shai. “We get great feedback from our users; people say they have always wanted a trustworthy place online to find local businesses and deals, and now there is one.”

The informative reviews are one of the most popular features of the site. They have been an essential part of Jewocity’s success. “People really appreciate the reviews,” says Shai.  “It really helps determine the value of an offering.”  

Whatever you are looking for, chances are it’s on Jewocity. Aside from the directory of businesses, Jewocity offers users engaging blog articles on subject areas such as sports, humor, business, and politics. There is even a kosher recipe section, where users can find a variety of tantalizing recipes, posted by Jewish chefs and foodies.

Jewocity is part of a large network of over 100 Partner City guides, such as and These Partner City Guides bring the Jewish marketplace together, combining all 100-plus Jewish neighborhoods into the one-stop-shop for finding it all: Jewocity.

Shai says, “If you’re looking to spread the word about your business to the Jewish world, you have come to the right place.” Advertisers on experience the additional benefits of being posted on Jewocity’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. This provides invaluable access to thousands of fans and followers.

An increasing number of businesses are finding that Jewocity is an invaluable way to engage with the community. It’s also extremely cost-effective. As a Jewocity Showcase Advertiser, you can target and drive the right people to your business for only $199 per year, or less than $4 per week. For that small investment, your business name, logo, address, contact information and website will be prominently featured on the site.

There are myriad ways that businesses can engage with potential customers on Jewocity. An increasing number of businesses are using novel methods to promote their offerings on the site: sharing reviews, coupons, maps, videos, blog posts and more.

Jewocity has experienced significant growth over the past few years. This trend seems certain to continue.

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