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10 Reasons Why the U.S. Congress Must Vote Down the Iran Nuclear Deal

To Save America and the World

10 Reasons Why the U.S. Congress Must Vote Down the Iran Nuclear Deal

By Dr. K.A. Paul, Founder of Global Peace Initiative

I am urging members of Congress to vote down the Iran Nuclear Deal. I believe wholeheartedly that Iran is ground zero for a regional nuclear conflict that will inevitably escalate into a global thermonuclear war. As we reach the 70-year anniversary of Hiroshima this week, I have good reason for my apprehensions. The nuclear stockpile is estimated at some 60,000 bombs already – many in the hands of bad actors on the world stage, but it must be stressed that none are as bad and suicidal and genocidal as Iran today.

Given my in-depth knowledge of the region, and having been invited as guest of state in Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Iran, I offer Members of Congress 10 reasons why they must vote against the Iran “deal” or face deadly consequences:

  1. Iran cannot be trusted to keep promises based on decades of empirical evidence and past performance.
  2. Iran’s top leaders, including the Ayatollah himself, have clearly stated that they will not change their armament plans and that they have a right to such weapons.
  3. Iran has refused to agree on any of the initial “deal-breaking” demands of the U.S., including allowing U.S. inspectors in prior to ratifying the deal.
  4. Iran continues to sponsor terrorism throughout the region – and now with 10’s of billions of dollars in additional income thanks to this deal, their terrorist activities are guaranteed to increase 100 times over.
  5. Iran’s leaders call for death to Israel and death to America even now.
  6. Iran’s deal will allow this radical state to develop weapons like North Korea.
  7. Iran is more committed to wiping out Israel today than ever before.
  8. With the growing support of Russia and China, Iran is already preparing for World War III and believes it is the nation’s destiny to bring it about.
  9. To save Israel is to save the Middle East and to save the world.
  10. Finally, members of Congress must stop trying to appease this White House, their respective party leaders, or the international community.

Note to Members of Congress from K.A. Paul:

Please hear me and examine your hearts.  Once you do you’ll know full well the deal with Iran is fraught with peril and is immoral to force on an unsuspecting, trusting world. If you vote for it rest assured that your political futures will be finished and you will each face God now knowing that you sold out Israel, sold out the Middle East, and sold out the rest of the world.  This is your moment.  Do the right thing and vote against this dangerous deal if it is the last thing you do on this earth.  Otherwise you will have the blood of millions of innocent men, women and children on your hands for eternity.

Footnote: As reported by global media such as the AP, Dr. Paul has been instrumental in stopping several major wars in Liberia, Haiti, Burundi, India and Pakistan. 

Dr KA Paul, founder of the Global Peace Initiative, has just launched the Save Israel Save the Middle East initiative in opposition to the Iran Nuclear deal. Parshottam Rupala, Vice President of India’s ruling party BJP, has expressed support of Dr Paul’s peace initiative.

Dr. Paul is a humanitarian crusader for peace and a high profile guest of state to numerous Middle Eastern nations including Libya, Syria, Sudan, Jordan – even by Iran itself two times, the most recent in 2013 – Dr. Paul is in a distinctive position to speak to the dangers this deal introduces into the volatile Middle East and the world

About Global Peace Initiative: Global Peace Initiative seeks to foster world peace by empowering people worldwide to embrace their most vulnerable neighbors like widows and orphans and to change the conditions causing their suffering. GPI endeavors to resolve local and global conflict by providing direct and immediate humanitarian relief and by instituting innovative and indigenous programming centers on every continent. 

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