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American Jewish Congress Opposes Iran Deal

American Jewish Congress Opposes Iran Deal

“The burden of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon must not be passed on to our children and grandchildren.” — AJCongress President Jack Rosen

After careful and deliberate consideration, American Jewish Congress (AJCongress) President Jack Rosen issued the following statement regarding the Iran deal:

“The Executive Board of the American Jewish Congress has come to the decision that the agreement reached by the P5+1 nations with Iran is fundamentally flawed and should be rejected by the United States Congress.

“We have read the agreement, and listened closely to the arguments made by President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretaries Kerry and Muniz and others in the Administration. We are persuaded that the negotiating team worked tirelessly to try to achieve a deal that would serve the best interests of the United States and its allies. We recognize that no deal is perfect, and the Administration has taken great pains to try to narrow Iran's ability to acquire nuclear weapons.

“However, success depends, in part, on the ability of the International Atomic Energy Agency to perform robust and intrusive inspections on all Iranian facilities in a timely and comprehensive manner. We do not believe the agreement lives up to that requirement. 

“President Obama's stated aim—at the beginning of his presidency, during the negotiations, and after the agreement was signed—was to prevent every conceivable pathway for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Yet, the President conceded in an interview that even in the unlikely event that Iran faithfully lives up to every obligation in the Agreement, the deal has a life expectancy of somewhere between 10-15 years, after which it would be in a position to make a dash toward nuclear capability. 

“In other words, the U.S. is willing to say to children in elementary school today that by the time they reach college, they may be living in a world where the regime of the Ayatollahs, which continues to denounce the United States as its mortal enemy even after concluding the Agreement, may well be a nuclear country.

“Unfortunately, it no longer can be said that the U.S. has erected a roadblock to every avenue Iran might use to become a nuclear power.

“The American Jewish Congress is deeply concerned that the national security interests of the United States will be compromised by this agreement, and that the safety and security of Israel may be jeopardized by those who loudly proclaim to the world their desire to destroy and eliminate the Jewish state.”


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