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Dov Hikind Excoriates Ocasio-Cortez’s Comparison of US Migrant Detention Facilities to Nazi Concentration Camps

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Graphic side-by-side comparison of Nazi concentration camps and US migrant detention centers by Dov Hikind, Americans Against Anti-Semitism.

By Henry Levy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Quoted): ‏

"This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying.

“This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis.”

That declaration angered former NYS Assemblyman, Dov Hikind. ‏

See the twitter storm that followed:


AOC is correct and the Administration is running a human trafficking ring with the missing children.

vachick64 (Replying to CwazupJ, Hikind Dov, AOC):

Then have your Democratic Congress help get something done!!! They haven't done s**t but try to get Trump out of office. If it was up to them our country would be overrun by immigrants literally living on the streets starving with no medical treatment. We can't help ourselves!

Dov Hikind (retweeted Bryan Leib):

Hey, AOC, if learning the lessons of the Holocaust and concentration camps are so important to you, why haven't you co-sponsored HR 943 - Never Again Education Act?!

Right. Because you're full of hot air!

Dov Hikind (added):

Bryan Leib, why aren't AOC, IlhanMN and RashidaTlaib cosponsoring H.R. 943? 170 members of the House are - these three are not. Why? They claim to support the Jewish people - if that's true, they should be on this bill.…

Dov Hikind (retweeted):

Tarczynski Dominik, with this letter, I am formally inviting AOC to come to Poland, where Adolf Hitler set up the worst chain of concentration camps the world has ever seen, so that she may see that scoring political points with enflamed rhetoric is unacceptable in our contemporary Western societies.

Dov Hikind (retweeted):

John Cardillo, We live in a time where Dem members of Congress like AOC, Ilhan MN and Rashida Tlaib consider CBP and ICE agents Nazi SS and Hamas terrorists innocent victims.

No matter how much they lie to you, this IS the ideology of today's Dem Party.

Dov Hikind (retweeted):

Meet the Press, Ocasio-Cortez's comparison of ICE detentions to concentration camps did border detainees "a tremendous disservice".

Larry Elder: ‏

Dear AOC, Isn't it remarkable how many stand in line awaiting admission into a US "concentration camp"?

American Zionism: ‏

Does anyone have the answer to this question?

How many Nazi concentration camps has AOC been to that she can talk about it so causally? I've been to Dachau and I can tell you from the second you walk through the gate a cloud of death hangs over it.

Jonathan Berland:

AOC supporters' attempt to lecture Yad Vashem tells us everything we need to know.

John Aravosis:

They're not concentration camps. And I'm sorry, I'm tired of being forced to defend the same 3 freshmen members of Congress because they repeatedly say dumb things and never seem to learn from the experience. She just handed the GOP a gold mine for its PR strategy. Congrats.

Dov Hikind (Replying to TheRaDR, AOC):

It's not off limits!

It just needs to be handled with care!

Just as one shouldn't make loose comparisons with African American slavery, one shouldn't compare anything to the Holocaust unless actual mass genocide is taking place!

Stop conflating issues to signal virtue!

Additional comments on twitter:

“Please @AOC do us all a favor and spend just a few minutes learning some actual history. 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust. You demean their memory and disgrace yourself with comments like this,” tweeted Rep. Liz CheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn CheneyFormer GOP Rep. Cynthia Lummis files to run for Wyoming Senate seatGOP hopes dim on reclaiming HouseRepublicans raise concerns over House campaign arm leadershipMORE (R-Wyo.), the third-ranking House Republican.

“This is wrong @AOC. These are incredibly dangerous and disgusting words that demean the millions murdered during the Holocaust,” tweeted Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.).

And Rep. Dan CrenshawDaniel CrenshawThe Hill's Morning Report - Trump's reelection message: Promises keptOcasio-Cortez under fire for concentration camp remarksCrenshaw slams Ocasio-Cortez for 'total disregard' and 'deep ignorance' over concentration camp commentsMORE (R-Texas) pushed back against Ocasio-Cortez’s definition of a concentration camp, noting that many of the migrants detained for trying to cross the border illegally are asylum-seekers awaiting court proceedings.

“Clearly I need to explain that, in concentration camps, people are unjustly sought out and confined. This isn’t what is happening at the border,” Crenshaw wrote.

The vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, a labor union that represents border agents, also pushed back during an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday.

“It’s disgusting to compare concentration camps to what the men and women are doing here protecting our country,” Art Del Cueto said on “America’s Newsroom.”

Ocasio-Cortez doubled down in the face of criticism, tweeting that the Trump administration has established “concentration camps” where immigrants are “being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying.”

“And for the shrieking Republicans who don’t know the difference: concentration camps are not the same as death camps. Concentration camps are considered by experts as ‘the mass detention of civilians without trial.’ And that’s exactly what this administration is doing,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote, pointing to an Esquire article quoting historians who said the US detention facilities at the southern border meet the definition of a concentration camp.

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