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$500,000 for New York State Holocaust Curriculum

Voices for Truth and Humanity

Voices for Truth and Humanity, an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit, had its own voice heard as $500,000 has been approved by the New York State Legislature to review and propose a Holocaust curriculum for public schools in the state for budget year 2024-2025.

Since it’s founding, the main focus of Voices for Truth and Humanity ( has been the establishment of a Holocaust curriculum in NYS public schools, with Holocaust Commissions created in all 50 states to implement curriculums throughout the United States.

According to V4TH President, Jack Britvan, "We found a strong ally in New York State Regent Roger Tilles and together, the lack of a Holocaust curriculum which had been mandated 30 years ago was discussed with Governor Kathy Hochul. This helped get the ball rolling." Tilles is Long Island's representative to the Board of Regents of the NYS Education Department and one of its most respected members.

The Governor worked closely with the New York State Assembly Education Department Chair, Michael Benedetto, who said, "This money will provide additional support to our public schools across the state as they work to provide students the skills needed to combat misinformation and make sure nothing like this (the Holocaust) ever happens again."

Roger Tilles said, "The Holocaust was a state sponsored murder of six million Jews. There are lessons to be learned about the death and persecution which anti-semitism, racial intolerance and extreme nationalism can bring to any society - even the most civilized. The lessons of the Holocaust cannot be learned unless they are taught."

V4TH Board Member, Hank Levy said, "This is a good and important first step, and now responsible leadership is necessary to see that these allocated funds are well spent and that the results can be verified."


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