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Commentary: "We are not fools!"

By Henry Levy, Publisher

“You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all the time.”
Abraham Lincoln

At times it seems as if the world has gone mad. Why have so many people abandoned logic, abandoned facts, abandoned belief of what they witness with their own eyes? I do not know and I do not get it.

But I do know that I do not like it one bit, that it has become intolerable to put up with it and that it is time to say “enough is enough.”

College students who support Hamas are idiots who should spend more time learning and less time shouting down opinions they do not like and chanting slogans whose meaning is clearly beyond their comprehension. They must not be permitted to disrupt classes, or to stop invited speakers from giving speeches, or to stop the school’s administration from conducting its business, and they must not be permitted to harass Jewish classmates in any way for any reason. Students who do these things should be removed from the premises, have their names recorded and they should be issued a stern warning to cease and desist. If they repeat these actions they should be expelled from school. Students are in college to learn, not to be hooligans.

School administrators who condone “Jew hatred” on campus should be fired and replaced with people who have backbone, who are committed to keeping the campus safe, who want their professors to be unbiased educators and who make sure that their classrooms are places where students are taught facts and not politically indoctrinated.

Just imagine if Black students and LGBTQ students were harassed and made to feel unsafe. It would not be tolerated for a moment. Neither should the harassment of Jewish students nor of any other group be tolerated.

But wait, there is more.

Why does it seem like journalism is dead in America and across the globe?

On October 7, 2023 Hamas terrorists launched a horrific sneak attack on the State of Israel and its inhabitants. Hamas murdered, sexually assaulted and kidnapped mostly young people attending the Nova Peace Concert. Yes, that’s right: a Peace Concert. Hamas committed the same atrocious acts to Israeli citizens living near the border with Gaza.

Hamas burned people alive who were hiding in their “safe” houses. Hamas murdered babies, children, women, men, the elderly and even peace activists. During the October 7th attacks by Hamas no one was safe. There were reports and video confirmations that there were Palestinian citizens who crossed the border with the Hamas terrorists and who were seen Israeli ransacking homes and turning over Jewish people who had been hiding to the Hamas terrorists who then kidnapped those Israelis. Many of those Palestinians passed out candy and celebrated what Hamas had done to the Israelis as did others in the Muslim world including those Muslims in the USA who hate Jews and Israel. The abuse of young girls and women of all ages not only took place on October 7th, but kidnapped victims had to endure continual rape, beatings, abuse and terror while being held captive. Some of those victims were held in cages.

Hamas said they would repeat the actions they had committed on October 7th again and again and it should be noted that the whole world heard them say it.

If what Hamas had done on October 7th, 2023 aided by their Palestinian brethren had been done to Americans or any people in any other country on earth, would not the response have been massive, immediate and unrelenting against the perpetrators with little or no regard to collateral innocent lives lost in the pursuit of the perpetrators and their leaders?

Hamas should be hunted down, brought to justice and punished. If they did not surrender, and instead, hid in hospitals or behind their compatriot Palestinian citizens who they used – or pretended to use - as human shields, or hid in tunnels to remain at large, then those terrorists should be eliminated by any means necessary so they could never again repeat such atrocities.

The media has chosen to turn the story of the Hamas attack on Israelis on October 7th on its head when Israel dispatched police and soldiers to pursue the Hamas war mongers to do what needed to be done to capture or kill them if they resisted. Equally relevant is the point that Israel had to get back the kidnapped victims at all costs. Remarkably, Israel gave countless warnings to all of the Palestinian people to evacuate areas where the Israeli soldiers would be pursuing Hamas to minimize civilian deaths knowing their warnings would alert their enemy as well. I ask you, what army does that during a military operation?

The media responded by overlooking the actions of the murderous Hamas terror organization that started the slaughter and relentlessly reported on the destruction of the local places where Hamas was hiding and repeating exaggerated numbers of Palestinian people that were killed while excluding how many Hamas made up the casualties. The media daily repeated the death tolls given to them by the Hamas run Ministry of Health in Gaza a group that habitually lies about such figures. It wasn’t until this past week that the Ministry of Health said their death totals may have been off by one third.

And the media just took their word for these killings with no corroboration. Unbelievable!

So, if 33,000 Palestinians were said to have been killed and that was 1/3 too high the adjusted number would be about 22,000 and anyone who would even believe that number is nuts. Israel claimed they killed over 10,000 Hamas soldiers, so what is the real collateral damage? Yet the world press made Israel out to be a rogue state, a pariah, an evil monster.

Trying to fool all of the people all of the time with fake narratives is not journalism. It is propaganda, lies and brain washing the public. The media buried the lede (hiding the most important and relevant pieces of a story) as they tried to attack and demonize Israel with relentless calls for an immediate cease fire, an act that would give Hamas time to escape, regroup and then start killing Jews again. The damage done by faulty story telling (these so-called journalists do not deserve to have their words labeled reporting) misleads everyone they reach.

Israel is not the villain, Hamas and any Palestinians who aided and abetted Hamas in the atrocities are the villains. The destruction caused is not Israels fault. It is the fault of Hamas. Hamas should be called on to give up, to release those few hostages still alive and then the pursuit of Hamas with regard to the October 7th attack can finally end. Do not blame the victim (Israel), blame the murdering perpetrators (Hamas) and anyone who aided and abetted them: those Palestinians who did just that.

But wait, there is more.

Europe understands the threat that Russia poses. Heaven knows so does Ukraine. The US was in sync with their world partners until local politics replaced good governing and reason. What the hell are our Representatives in Congress doing by turning the support of Ukraine into a political football? There are some issues that are literally life and death issues that should never be tied to quid pro quo votes to come to the aid of our allies. How did our leaders become so feckless? Why are they so cowardly that they will not put aid to Ukraine to a vote? We all know Putin wants to put the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics back together under his control, he is telling us that. And our Representatives in Congress do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this dictator? They are violating their oath of office and they deserve our scorn, condemnation and tons of letters from their constituents to try and stiffen their spines to do the right thing. Russia must be defeated and kicked out of Ukraine. One must also mention here the incomprehensible and shocking statement by Presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Conway, South Carolina that as President he told a NATO member that he would withhold US help and “encourage” Russia to do as it wishes with allies that do not contribute enough to military spending.

But wait, there is more.

However, if I started to talk about our open borders, illegals allowed to enter our country without being vetted, overrunning border states and now even major cities across the country with no end in sight, criminals running amuck in sanctuary cities like New York City and San Francisco, shoplifting becoming a fashion statement, no bail for crimes, people being punched on the streets and shoved off of subway platforms, peoples squatting in homes they don’t own and not leaving, well that is more that I wish to deal with right now and something I prefer, at this juncture, to pass over.

That reminds me, all of us at the Jewish Post wish you and your family, friends and loved ones a Happy and Meaningful Passover.

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