The Little Dead Sea

Do not leave Israel without it! Only one hour from Tel Aviv and not far away from Ashkelon one can find a little paradise of health and relaxation: Hamei Yoav's great spa: The Little Dead Sea. Some argue that the spa here has more therapeutical effects than the spa of the Dead Sea area.

We went over there when Israeli Radio announced that four Palestinian terrorists were in the area. So what? Life and pleasure must go on. We should never give up to terrorism!

As to the spa: "The natural water of Hamei Yoav have been deposited for thousands of years in the depths of the earth at 1500 meters. The subterranean waters contain approximately 39 milligrams of sulfur per liter and are enriched with many other minerals, including magnesium, calcium, bromide, chloride, sodium and potassium. These minerals provide therapeutic qualities to our water, which is of the highest quality.

"The water flows into our pools naturally, without ever being touched by human hands. Our pools include Jacuzzi jets for your complete enjoyment. In our unique hydro-massage complex, exclusive to Hamei Yoav, we have 40 water jets that shoot out streams of water, providing an intense hydro-massage. "The hydro-massage stimulates blood circulation, enables total relaxation and makes you feel good all over."

For information call Israel: 08-672-1140

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