Rami Levi: Israel's New Tourism Commissioner

Rami Levi is the new Israeli Tourism Commissioner for North America and Mexico. He replaced Arie Sommer.

Levi is an expert on tourism. He has a unique experience of his field of action. He has the great challenge of breaking the ice since tourism from America has declined. Furthermore, Levi, who served in the Los Angeles region, must challenge the negative attitude of American Jewry to visit Israel. We still note the wave of Jewish-American cancellations of their visit to Israel last summer.

Born in Jerusalem, Levi has a Bachelor's Degree from Tel Aviv University and a Master's Degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During the Millennium celebrations, he orchestrated one of the biggest telecasts ever beamed from Israel, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers throughout the world. Rami Levi is responsible for the promotion of tourism to Israel from the United States, Canada and Mexico. Levi and his wife, Michal, have three sons.

Levi is a creative expert. He is an optimist. He sees realities of the September 11th catastrophe and remarked: "Now the struggle against terrorism is a worldwide affair, no longer something we must face alone. The world has split into the good guys and the bad guys, and as always, we and the United States are on the same side, and the right side, along with freedom loving peoples everywhere."

For information call: 1-888-77-ISRAEL.

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