Military History Museums Flourish in Israel

The history of Israel is also a military or defense history. First the history of the Zionist's many undergrounds which were established during the Turkish and the British occupation of Israel and then the history of the Independence War and the history of the I.D.F. (Tsahal). It is not a surprise therefore to find a special department of museums inside the Israeli Defense Ministry headed by Dr. Shlomit Keren. It publishes a newsletter Kirot Medabrim or 'The Walls Which Are Speaking' and is being edited by Dr. Yoseph Kister.

Among the recommended to visit landmarks: Museum Beit Hashomer (Israel: 04-6941565), Museum Haaganah (Tel Aviv: 08-5600809), Museum HaEtsel, the Irgun Museum, (Tel Aviv: 03-5284001), Museum Lehi, Israel's Freedom Fighter (Tel Aviv: 03-6820288), Museum Hapalmach (Tel Aviv: 03-6436393), Museum of the Prisoners of the Undergrounds (Estel and Lehi) located in Acre, 04-991-826415.

There are 12 museums in Israel dedicated to the history of the heroes and heroism. You should know that Israel plans to establish a new huge museum and center which will present the history of the I.D.F. from 1948 to present. The readers are welcome to visit these museums and to call Israel 03-6977194 for more information and to express their support for the future of these museums.

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