First Feline Frequent Fliers Fly EL AL Israel Airlines

NEW YORK - The first feline frequent flyers took their first free flight courtesy of EL AL Israel Airlines' Points for Pets, the first-ever frequent flyer program for cats and dogs. The first pets to be signed up were Elayne and Martin Riskin's cats, Babi and Kuukie, who were also the first pets to receive free roundtrip tickets, having flown to Israel three times in the past year. "Babi and Kuukie were born in Israel and they love going back," said Elayne Riskin. "We take them to Israel four times a year on EL AL and they thoroughly enjoy their vacation."

EL AL's Points for Pets program (in the USA) gives dogs and cats frequent flyer points which can be accumulated and used by the pet for future travel on EL AL. After three roundtrip flights within a three year period, pets earn a free roundtrip flight. EL AL is the only airline flying to and from Israel that has no blackout dates for frequent flyers - human or pets. For more information on Points for Pets, call 1-888-FLY-ELAL.

EL AL, Israel's national airline, has more than twice the number of weekly nonstop flights to Israel from the United States than any other airline. Worldwide, EL AL flies to more than 50 destinations from Tel Aviv and is smoke-free. For reservations, call EL AL at (800) 223-6700 or (212) 768-9200 or your travel agent. Or visit EL AL at EL AL. It's not just an airline. It's Israel.

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