Canyon Ranch Health Resort

By Hank & Elaine Levy

If you could create a miracle in your life, what would it be? What an intriguing question! Delving into our desires, goals and dreams is what Canyon Ranch Spa and Health Resort located in the Berkshires is all about. How fortunate we were to be able to spend an incredible four days this past May at Canyon Ranch, and how exciting it was to have our expectations so greatly exceeded.

The mission of Canyon Ranch is to inspire and motivate people to make positive lifestyle changes resulting in better physical and emotional health. The programs and services provided at Canyon Ranch seduce its guests to make this commitment.

The menu of services is quite comprehensive, and for first time visitors, can be overwhelming. To facilitate the selection process, a program coordinator is assigned to each guest, as well as a health assessment nurse. The program coordinator can make valuable recommendations in scheduling activities, and the nurse, after making a physical assessment, can provide health and lifestyle advice.

Your stay includes two complimentary services in the areas of Health and Healing and Spa and Sports. Classes under Health and Healing include Behavioral Health, Food and Nutrition, Acupuncture, Spiritual Awareness, Movement Therapy. Spa and Sports Services include Fitness and Sports, Skin Care and Outdoor Sports.

Since one of us has been plagued with back problems, a choice under Health and Healing was a meeting with a physiologist who did an analysis of posture, spinal alignment and strength. He provided a series of exercises to strengthen back muscles and suggested orthodics to improve walking. We both chose the Thai massage from the Spa menu, which we were told was one of the more popular choices. Each of our therapists had studied for several years, and was quite competent.

There is a daily calendar of events which does not change, ranging from yoga classes to stretching, aerobics, pilates, weights, just to name a few. In addition, there are activities which differ each day, as well as lectures on such topics as Ayurvedic medicine, tarot reading, reflexology, prevention of illness and even African drumming!

All of the lectures we attended were informative, worthwhile, and interesting. However, there was one lecturer who had a great impact on us. Jerry Posner's lectures were stimulating, funny, interactive, and thought-provoking. Jerry had the ability to excite the audience into believing that change was possible, and to empower them with optimism and hope.

We were so excited about the choices that we wanted to do it all. As a result, we found ourselves rushing from class to class, and were barely able to enjoy the serenity of the Resort. Ironically, we were thankful that weather conditions were not good during our stay; otherwise, we would have had the added pressure of wanting to partake in the alluring outdoor activities as well.

It would be remiss not to mention the delicious and healthy cuisine offered at Canyon Ranch. There is an abundance of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, pasta, poultry and whole grains. The salad bar is filled with seasonal selections, and during our stay in May, included sweet summer melons and fruit. Even the desserts are nutritious (and very tasty). If you are planning a hike, or want to eat something between meals, you can pick up a snack in the dining room. For those with special dietary requirements, arrangements can be made to accommodate those needs.

The four days at Canyon Ranch barely allowed us to scratch the surface of what this beautiful resort had to offer. So many of the guests we met had been coming there year after year, and believed it made a difference in their lives. We even met one couple who spent a week at the Spa, signed up for every type of service for the mind and body, and felt their lives had truly changed. Skeptics may say it would take a miracle for so many people to have life changing experiences...but at Canyon Ranch, making miracles happen is their business.

Canyon Ranch Health Resort
165 Kemble Street
Lenox, Massachusetts
(800) 742-9000


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