Dr. Uri Milstein:
"Dir Yassin Massacre" was a hoax!

by Gad Nahshon

"Dir Yassin Massacre was a hoax" argued Israel's most distinguished military historian, Dr. Uri Milstein. He has argued the same in his many books and lectures. Each year when Israel celebrates its 'Independence Day', this issue repeats itself, a myth, an anti-Israeli myth. For 50 years the Arab propaganda has managed to 'sell' this massacre arguing that, in 1948, the Jews behaved like monsters, or like war criminals. Of course, the Arabs have declined to discuss their behavior in 1948 or 1947. According to history books or articles, the fighters of Lehi (Stern Group) and the Irgun (Begin) attacked a peaceful village, Dir Yassin, near Jerusalem and murdered 245 civilians (women & children).

Dr. Milstein researched this affair for many years and came to these illuminating conclusions:

But it was a war for survival. Arabs committed many massacres of Jews, at least from Aug. 1929. One cannot judge events today from his or her ivory tower. A war is a war. It should be explained that the discussion about Dir Yassin stems from the following thesis: The Arabs run away from their towns and villages because they believe that the Jews will kill them like they killed in Dir Yassin. After this mass evacuation it was easy for the Jews to create the state of Israel.

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