Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Ok, folks. We're goona teach y'all to sing the Ballad of Moshe Cohen, about the Jewish Agency official who was arrested in the Jerusalem cafe a few weeks back for the crime of "incitement". It is sung to the melody of the Ballad of Jed Clampett. Ok, now, Earl and Lester, y'all got the git-tar and banjo ready. So, here goes:

Now come and listen to this story bout a man named Cohn,
Poor city man barely kept his family's home,
And then one day he was noshin on some food,
When there in his cup was some bubblin' crude,
Espresso, that is ("Jerusalem Tea").

Well, the first thing yo knows, old Cohen's a prisonaire,
Kinfolk said, Git that Kipah off your hair,
Cops said "in the slammer is the place you ought be,
for incitin' and a-slurpin'
Right there in Judah-ee."
(Hills that is, Beilingrad, East Palestine)

Well, now we got to say goodbye to Cohen and all his crowd,
But we'd sure like to thank you folks for helpin git him out,
We're hopin you'll come back to us to this locality,
And see just what the Left's cooked up as criminality.
Y'all come back now, yuh heeear?

[Hey watch out there that cousin Shula Mae
don't shove yo in that See-ment Pond]

Dr. Steven E. Plaut
Haifa Israel
Via email

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