Black Dolls for Ethiopian Jewish Children

From South African townships to the United States to Jerusalem, dark-skinned, soft and cuddly dolls find their way into the arms of Ethiopian Jewish children throughout Israel. Hundreds of the hand-made dolls have been distributed by the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ) to eager children who are delighted to have a doll that "looks like me!"

Israel's Nuclear Power

Israel, officially, has never confessed about its secret nuclear power. But one can read many books about Israeli nuclear power. In the past, all kinds of information or even pictures of the Nuclear Plant in Dimona, Negev, were published abroad because of the Israeli military censorship.

"Lost Tribes" of Israel

Israel and southern Africa are separated by 4,000 miles of deserts, mountains, rain forests, savanna, and open sea. Yet there are intriguing clues that centuries ago a band of Jews found their way to a remote corner of Africa and kept their traditions alive. NOVA retraces the scientific trail of evidence for this remarkable migration, on "'Lost Tribes of Israel," which first aired on February 22, 2000 on PBS.

The Jewish Brigade
The Mother of the State of Israel

"I did not like the myth of the sabra. I lived in Palestine with Jews who immigrated from many countries. These Jews lived between past and present. Some used to argue in the 'Yishuv' that the Arabs are the ancient Jews. You have to understand that we, the young Jews in Palestine, members of the Hagana or the Palmach, felt like members of another tribe: young, strong, people with roots. We felt that we are different from the Jews of the Diaspora. But when I served in the Jewish Brigade in World War II, I encountered the Holocaust and the shock, and then met the survivors in Europe or in Hebrew, Shearit Hapleta (Displaced People).