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Prof. Avshalom Mizrachy: "My Guide to Your Health"

by Gad Nahshon

"I am a biologist. For forty years I dedicated my life to science. Most of my work has been based on the Western approach to life, to nature, biology, and to science. But one day I had a chance to learn abut homeopathy. I was also personally treated by it. Then I figured out that homeopathy is a different approach to nature and I figured out that homeopathy can cure as well... I believed as a distinguished scientist in my ability to understand nature and its elements. But when I learned about homeopathy, I realized that I still have a lot to study about nature and about the meaning of life. And I realized the depth of the way that homeopathy is related to them," confessed Prof. Avshalom Mizrachy, who from Tel-Aviv has enriched us again with his new guide for better health, better ways of life, better medicine, and lists of "do's" and "don'ts" so that we will gain better health, better life on our eternal search for happiness.

The book, To Live Healthy - Life, Health, Medicine and Illness - The Holistic Approach (Focus, Ramat-Gan, 2003. or 011-972-3-5745513) is Prof. Mizrachy's third one. He is a preacher for alternative medicine, holistic medicine, homeopathy, and he is also a lobbyist, active in achieving a positive approach to his preaching from the health or medical establishment in Israel.

In this analytical guide of 386 pages, Mizrachy often shares with the readers some of his personal biography. The legacy of his Yemenite beloved parents, his scientific background and his personal daily life costumes as well. He lives according to his preaching but there is one more aspect to this teaching. Prof. Mizrachy is a well known teacher and lecturer. He always tries to show that concepts of health, alternative medicine, the ideal ways of life, can be traced to the Jewish civilization and history.

In his book on the Yemenite kitchen, he argued that the Yemenite Jews (and he is a Yemenite Israeli) developed the ideal way of life, a unique formula for good health! In this book he argued that homeopathy is a Jewish approach to life and health: "one can find the existence of the law of homeopathy in the Jewish mystic or the Hasidut movement. There, this law is in its grass roots, pure form," writes Mizrachy or to cure people by using snake. Of course, one can find homeopathy in the Jewish-Yemenite culture as well. (For example: the homeopathic concept of curing fear by using fear).

Prof. Mizrachy, a respected scientist, worked for many years (bio-technology) at the prestigious Israeli Institute for Biological Research at Nez-Ziona. He conducted many pioneer researches, for example, on the special characteristics of honey. (As a medicine, even in treatment of cancer!) This research of bees pushed him to look into our nature, a new look. Then he became an advocate of alternative and holistic medicine.

Prof. Mizrachy is the academic Director of Israel's most advanced Ridman College, The International College For Complementary Medicine in Tel-Aviv (3,000 students)! He is also the Dean of the faculty of Naturopathy. Mizrachy summarizes his own philosophy of health in his new book: To Live Healthy, and the following are some highlights from this illuminating guide:

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