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Outside Care Does Not Negatively Influence Children's Development

Good news for the working mother. According to information compiled by researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, non-maternal care in children's early years does not negatively influence their development. The researchers' conclusions were published recently in the magazine, Psychological Bulletin.

Dr. Osnat Erel, Dr. Nurit Yirmiya and Ms. Yael Oberman of The Hebrew University School of Education conducted a statistical summary (meta-analytic analysis) of 50 experimental studies that examined the linkage between maternal versus non-maternal care. Research was analyzed on more than 20,000 children, ranging in age from 6 months to 7 years. Seven developmental outcomes were studied, including those related to the quality of the connection between mother and child, adjustment difficulties, social skills, and cognitive development. Nearly all of the studies examined were conducted in the U.S.

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