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OHEL: The Network of the Disabled Jews

Sterling Bancorp (NYSE: STL) announced that its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer was named OHEL's Man of the Year at its recent 32nd Annual Dinner. Mr. Cappelli was honored for his industry leadership and long-standing dedication to providing not-for-profit agencies like OHEL with the vital support necessary to keep them in the business of helping others.

Mr. Cappelli, a native New Yorker has dedicated his life to serving the needs of New York Metropolitan communities. Involved in numerous local, civil, charitable and ecumenical organizations, he was most recently named Man of the Year by the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of New York.

OHEL, the Hebrew word for shelter, is a 32-year old human service not-for-profit agency that sustains an extensive foster care program, a domestic abuse shelter and counseling program, and The Lifetime Care Foundation, which addresses the long term care needs of people with disabilities.

Mr. Cappelli is a member of a tribe of dedicated people who support and donate to OHEL, a network of agencies and homes for the needy Jews. In this network of professional, religious staff and volunteers is based OHEL children's home and family services, Bais Ezra and Lifetime Care Foundation for the Jewish Disabled. Their main office, Tel: 718-851-6300, Fax 718-686-4275, 4510 16th, Brooklyn, NY 11204. OHEL also provides help to groups and parents all over the U.S.

OHEL was established in 1969 as a home for boys with emotional and developmental disabilities. In 1978, Bais Ezra was established for women with disabilities. David Mandel, Chief Executive Officer, wrote: "We are proud of our well-established reputation for services to the Jewish community, and our involvement in some of the most challenging areas of caring for those at risk. Our guiding principles are to treat people with respect and the preservation of families. OHEL responds professionally to over 2,700 families and individuals and is expanding to offer services, training and consultation to Jewish families and health care professionals throughout North America and abroad." Today, the network provides many other services to needy Jews:




OHEL's network has 50 agencies, residences, camps, programs for children, teenagers and adults, as well. It always needs your generosity and support in order to challenge the problems of the needy ones. OHEL's president is Mashie Hellmann, Moshe Hertz (Bais Ezra), Ronny Harsh (Lifetime Care), and David Mendel (Executive).

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