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Kibbutz to Open Housing for Mentally Ill

A kibbutz in the center of the country is slated to provide housing in a hostel type setting for the mentally ill, HA'ARETZ reported. The Health Ministry has already approved the deal between the kibbutz and a private entrepreneur who is financing the venture. Five buildings on the kibbutz are currently undergoing necessary renovations for the hostel, which should be ready within the next month.

The hostel will provide housing for mentally ill patients whose medical conditions do not warrant hospitalization. Constant professional supervision will be available at the hostel with a strong emphasis to be placed on patients living as independently as possible. Approximately 30 mentally ill patients are expected to move to the new kibbutz hostel following a review by the Ministry of Health's regional rehabilitation committee.

There are currently 60 such hostels operating in the country, half of which are operated by private companies. Altogether they provide housing for some 1,400 people.

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