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Israel to Host First Conference on Specific Heart Disease

In a collaborative effort of the Israeli Arteriosclerosis Society and Columbia University in New York, more than 30 scientists from Israel, Europe and North America will come together to discuss their research on a heart disease called arteriosclerosis. The conference entitled, "Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science," is the first academic convention of its kind to take place in Israel since the outbreak of Palestinian violence two years ago. Since September 2000, security concerns and internationally imposed boycotts have hindered Israel's ability to host academic symposia and to share its wealth of expertise with the rest of the world.

"The success of this meeting will represent a forceful action to break the academic boycott," said Dr. Neil S. Shachter, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University and one of the organizers. "The skills, knowledge and contacts of scientists must be mobilized in defense of the free flow of ideas," he said.

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