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Free Prescription Drugs - A Well Kept Secret

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Are your medications too expensive for your budget? If so, information in a new booklet might help.

"Many major drug companies provide free or low cost medication, but rarely, if ever publicize the programs," says Gary Nave, Director of The Institute. "We've published an A to Z listing of all the drugs that are available through patient assistance programs, for free or at very low cost directly from the manufacturer."

The Cost Containment Research Institute in Washington, D.C. has just published a 48-page booklet, Free & Low Cost Prescription Drugs. The revised fifth edition booklet gives hard to find information on how and where to get free and low cost prescription drugs.

Consumers can receive a copy by sending $5 to cover the cost of printing, postage and handling to: Institute Fulfillment Center, Booklet # PD-85, P.O. Box 210, Dallas, PA 18612-0210. Consumers can also get more information from The Institute's Internet website:

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