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A World Leader Neuroscientist Says Israeli Scientific Achievements are Mind Boggling

Israeli scientific achievements "are absolutely mind-boggling according to Baroness Susan Greenfield the prominent British neuroscientist and Oxford professor of Pharmacology who Visited Israel last week as a guest of the Hebrew University, in Jerusalem ISRAEL2IC reported Greenfield who was named a life peer to the House of Lords in 2001 and was included in The Guardian's list of the 50 most powerful women in Britain, first Visited Israel as a Volunteer in 1970 on Kibbutz Gesher Haziv in the north of the country and has since visited the country a dozen times. "During this trip, I've visited Hebrew University, the Technion and the Weizmann Institute and they are all doing stellar work," said Greenfield a leader in brain research who is also the first female director of the Royal Institution, Britain's oldest independent research body.

Greenfield is a vocal and active critic of recent British attempts to boycott Israeli academia. Recently, she authored an article in the Times newspaper stating her belief that the boycott efforts are not only immoral but also dangerous. "The obvious implication of the boycott is that if this is stopping medical research from being propagated, then the development of treatments and people's lives could be affected," Greenfield said. She also expressed anger and puzzlement over the boycotts movement. "I don't know why this boycott movement is focused on Israel. Why aren't you boycotting American academics for invading Afghanistan or British academics for taking part in the war on Iraq? It's strange that Israel was selected, it seems illogical. Who is going to benefit from an academic boycott of Israel? Certainly Arabs who conduct research with Israelis or benefit from Israeli medical and other scientific discoveries will not," Greenfield said.

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