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A First in Israel - Heart Defect Repaired on Two Babies

Two babies, a one-month-old baby girl and a six-month-old baby boy, were referred to Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel (SCMCI) to repair a complex heart defect. During hospitalization the doctors discovered that the tracheas of the babies were dangerously narrow. Dr. Tommy Schonfeld, Director of ICU at SCMCU, using a pediatric fiber optic bronchoscope, determined that both babies' tracheas were narrow to the point that their lives were in danger.

Complicated surgery was undertaken to repair both the heart disorder and the narrow tracheas. The surgery involved a unique procedure to enlarge the air passage by scraping tissue from the narrow portion of the canal itself and transplanting it back into the trachea.

A surgical team was set up under the leadership of Prof. Bernardo Vidne, Director of Cardio thoracic Surgery at SCMCI and Rabin Medical Center with the participation of Dr. Milton Saute, Director of Open Heart Surgery Unit at Rabin Medical Center and Dr. Tommy Schonfeld.

Immediately following the heart surgery, and while still linked to the heart-lung machine, the tissue was scraped from the narrow portion of the canal itself, and transplanted back to widen the trachea.

The operation was done with the help of a very thin fiber optic instrument. The babies were taken off the respirator two weeks after surgery and are now breathing on their own. Both hearts and tracheas are in excellent conditions.

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