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Ad Unit Guidelines

  1. All deliverables are due at least 10 days prior to insertion and/or sponsorship term. These include: a signed contract, graphics, and functional URLs.
  2. One piece of creative consists of one banner and its linking URL. Creative may be changed once per month unless agreed upon in advance.
  3. Scheduling changes, new target URLs, and/or new graphics should be submitted at least 7 working days prior to effective date.
  4. Creative may be supplied in .GIF; .JPEG or Flash formats and include a border.
  5. Animated graphics must not exceed 20 seconds in length (see chart below) and endless looping is not accepted.

Packages Dimensions Animation Maximum File Size Rich Media
Top of Page Sponsor 468x60 Up to 20 seconds 20k Allowed
Right Navigation 120x90
Up to 10 seconds 20k  

3 Easy Ways to Submit your Advertising Creative

  1. By email (preferred)—Send creative via email to Please include flight dates and scheduling instructions.
  2. By Web—Please provide the location of the banner artwork by sending email to
  3. By File Transfer Protocol—Please email your FTP address and username and password to