Mission Statement

JewishPost.com is your gateway to the Jewish World. Like the print edition of the Jewish Post, our online version continues to be a source of cultural heritage and modern interests for an established as well as new immigrant audience. JewishPost.com also reaches a youthful, technically savvy, and highly involved audience. These readers look to the Jewish Post to keep them informed of news in Israel, the Middle East and right here in New York. The Jewish Post is a great way to reach this community and grow your business.

Since 1974, the Jewish Post has been a strong, independent voice reaching a diverse Jewish audience throughout the greater New York area. Starting in 1995, we have maintained an extremely visible presence on the Internet with our award-winning website, JewishPost.com. By delivering your message online to our readership, your business will be announced to thousands of consumers. JewishPost.com is the way to reach readers before they go shopping, eat out or visit local entertainment venues, or access City, State and National government services.