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Mary Tyler Moore was seen enjoying the unique French cuisine at the LaGalaria Restaurant (75th Street and Second Avenue). She did not know that this new institution was established by the Israeli born expert Aibi Salama. Many celebrities are patronizing this new prestigious place.

The U.B.U. Repertory Theatre at 15 West 28th Street presents its new achievement, the play Bonds of Affection, which was written by the French playwright Loleh Bellon, about the struggle for survival of a Jewish family throughout the Holocaust era. Shirley Kaplan directed the play.

Israel celebrated its Independence Day on April 24th. Many cultural events were planned, including a memorial service and a huge party at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The hosts were Ambassador Colette Avital and Ambassador Gad Yaacobi. Israel was established 48 years ago. To be historically correct on the 14th of May, 1948, Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Then its founder David Ben-Gurion declared the Israeli state to be a fact, as he held the state's Declaration of Independence in his hands. The official ceremony took place at the old building of the Tel Aviv Museum. The British army left Israel the following day, on Saturday.

The Israeli Minister of Arts, Communication and Science (one of Israel's most controversial ministers) Shulamit Aloni, hosted on April 15th the screening at Symphony Hall in Manhattan the well known Holocaust survivors movie, "Under the Domim Tree". It is based on a book which was written by the famous Israeli-international actress Gila Almagor. It was directed by Eli Cohen. The film received many international prizes and awards.

Rabbi Solomon F. Rybak has been appointed chairman of the Rabbinical Council of America. He has a Ph.D. from Yeshiva University.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be the guest of honor and will give the keynote address at the Annual Staten Island State of Israel Bonds Dinner. Another guest will be Hiafa Chief Rabbi Shear-Yishuv Cohen. Many dignitaries will attend, including General (Ret.) Nathan Sharoni, the president of Israel Bonds, Guy Molinari, the Borough President, Assemblywoman Elizabeth A. Connelly and Yaacob Rosenrauch. The prestigious dinner will take place at the Young Israel of Staten Island.

Dr. Tova Friedler was appointed as New York Regional Director of the American Committee for Weizman Institute (located in Rehovot, Israel). Dr. Friedler was born in Israel. She received a Ph.D. in counseling psychology.

What would American Jews and Israel have done without the love and support of Senator Alfonse D'Amato? He has fought for Israel, Jewish rights of Jews in Yemen and now for Jewish war veterans. First, he put pressure on the United States Postal Service to issue a stamp in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Jewish War Veterans Organization established in 1896 by Jews who fought in the Spanish-American War. Second, he urged Helmet Kohl, the German Chancellor to compensate the Jewish- American P.O.W.s who were tortured by their Nazi-S.S. captors. D'Amato was moved by a letter of Hap Galfunt of the American P.O.W. Holocaust Committee in New York.

Only in America. A concert for Jewish pride - and a celebration of Jewish achievements in the arts' will be featured on April 28th at the New York Paramount Theatre. Just see the stars who will participate: Fyvush Finkel, Alan King, Rita Rudner, David Brenner, Freddie Roman, Joey and Cindy Adams and many others. And the host of this unique Sunday matinee is ... Ed Koch, always an actor...

Speaking about the Jewish contribution to the arts, one cannot forget Marlon Brando, accrediting the Jewish people on CNN's Larry King show. Let's quote Phil Baum of the AJCongress: "Our review of Brando is clear, he should emulate silent movies because his sound track is not worth having." Brando's blatantly anti-Semitic comments ("Hollywood is run by Jews" the Kikes of course) have shocked many people in America. His credibility as a fighter for social, justice and the 'underdogs' means high effectiveness to his anti- Semitism.

Two thousand religious Jews 'conquered' the famous popular Concord-a Parker Family Resort in Kiamesha Lake, N.Y. for celebrating Passover (1-800- CONCORD). Spring is here. They enjoyed, of course, every moment and especially the unique Israeli-American performer-singer Ron Aliran. He performed at night together with Stu Stone a well known comedian and the Israeli pianist Tzi Klein. Later in the morning, Aliran was 'mobbed' by many admirers of all ages. And many bought his cassettes.

Congressman Benjamin A. Gilman has been selected to be the recipient of the 1996 America-Israel Friendship Award. It is the most prestigious Bnai Zion Award. Among the past honorees were John F. Kennedy, Al Haig, Bibi Netanyahu and Jean Kirkpatrick The ceremony is to take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Hon. Alan G. Hevesi will be the chairman of this event. Among the guests are Benny Kashriel, Mayor of Maaleh Adumin, a city near Jerusalem which was adopted by Bnai Zion.

Bishop Krister Stendahl, former Lutheran Bishop of Sweden, received the second annual Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum Award for his life pursuit to bring understanding between Jews and Christians. A special ceremony took place at Park Avenue Synagogue, Manhattan. Madame Jehan Sadat delivered the memorial lecture and Donna Hanover Giuliani served as the honorary chair. Among the dignitaries who participated in this prestigious event were Walter Cronkite, Liv Ullman, James Earl Jones, Rudy Giuliani, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, David Holbrook and Thomas G. Labrecque of Chase Manhattan Corporation.

At the 92nd Y, the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life will feature in May - June its Torah study with many regular contributors: Rabbi David Woznice, Rabbi David Wolpe and Francine Klaysburn, Jerusalem 3000 with Colette Avital, Prof Shlomo Avineri, Abba Eban, Dr. Steven Bayme and Martin Peretz.

Do not miss Cynthia Ozick's new play The "Sharul" at the Jewish Repertory Theatre (316 East 91st Street) June 8-June 30, directed by the legendary Sidney Lumet. It's 'star' is Diane Wiest and the artistic director is Ran Avni. (Tel. 212- 831-2000).

The Golden Land Connections, Inc. is a leading producer of the best of Jewish- Israeli entertainment. It also is committed to support the message of Klezmer music in America. One should not miss, therefore, the appearance of the famous Klezmer Conservatory Band at the Symphony Space (Broadway & 95th Street) on Saturday, May 4, 8:00 p.m. This band is an institution in the world of Jewish music and Yiddish songs.

Yehudit Ravitz performed at Town Hall on April 27. She is a famous popular Israeli singer- songwriter. She is touring the U.S.A. from New York to San Francisco. Her producer is the Golden Land Connections, Inc.

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