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"We prevented 85% of Terrorist Attacks on Israelis" Zionism

by Gad Nahshon

"We prevented 85% of the total of terrorist attacks on Israelis. We still had to challenge 15%. We failed to stop them. It is almost impossible to stop all of them. For example, the border in Jerusalem is open. The Arabs officially are Israeli citizens. We have done what we could in order to prevent more attacks and we will do more," said Israel's Defense Minister, Gen. (Res.) Fuad Ben Eliezer who was recently a guest of the Conference of Presidents. He was introduced to the guests at Bnai Zion House by Mort Zuckerman, the chairman.

Ben Eliezer is also the new elected leader of the Labor party. He and 'Hank' defeated his 'dovish' counterpart, Abraham Burg. Ben Eliezer, a member of the Knesset and an earthy politician who was born in Iraq and enjoyed a military career, served as a Labor and Police minister. In the past he was friendly with those who did not give up the building of towns in the West Bank such as Maale Adomin, the city which defends Jerusalem. At the same time he did support the Oslo Agreement, Rabin's policies and later Barak's as well.

"I still remember when I was a colonel in the army, the unique gesture of Saadat," Ben Eliezer said at the 'Conference's' lunch. He said that Arafat does not say anything new. He does control his people: "Arafat's mind had to do with the past. Our mind is with the future," Ben Eliezer said. He also made clear the notion that the idea of the right to return of Palestinians means the dismantling of Israel.

Ben Eliezer also thanked the U.S. for its total support of Israel. He also expressed thanks to ex-President Clinton : "We do not want to fight against the Palestinian people. We do fight against terror. No one can preach to us. I see on my table information about terrorist acts, bombs, and suicide missions. All of it on the way to our cities," Fuad Ben Eliezer explained. He said that Arafat planned, by equipping himself with more new arms and weapons, to upgrade the conflict. He said that he does not know who will be the next American target of fighting against the terror but he alerted the audience as to the threat from Iran. It will be a very dangerous situation if Iran has nuclear power in her hands.

Ben Eliezer also said that he met with Mubarek, who seemed to be worried about the recent situation: "He believed himself to be the super leader of all the Arabs and he does look for dialogue with us," explained Ben Eliezer, who promised to defend the right of any Israeli to enjoy maximum safety.

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