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BagelHead to the Rescue

By: Louie Volpe

Just in time for the fall Jewish holidays along comes a rather remarkable walk'in, talk'in, rap'in bagel. Well actually a BagelHead!

As in "BagelHead to the Rescue", an entertaining storybook and read-along/ sing-along audio cassette tape.

Set against the backdrop of Jewish holidays and celebrations the "BagelHead to the Rescue" storybook is beautifully drawn and exectuted, with big brightly colored pictures and easy to read text.

The included cassette tape allows even the youngest of children to "read" along as BagelHead and his friends tackle the moral questions in each story.

As each story progresses, the child is faced with questions asking what "would you do?" in each situation. After inviting the child to offer their feelings, our hero BagelHead arrives to the rescue with a pep talk and a loving "nudge" as he guides the child in the story, and the reader, to the proper response and a happy ending.

According to the authors, Michael A. Farber and Anne Klein Farber, "BagelHead to the Rescue" was written in order to teach "good values to kids, in an effective and fun manner, while exposing them to Jewish holidays and symbols." And this they have accomplished.

From the exquisitely designed and colorful storybook to the well produced and enjoyable cassette tape "BagelHead to the Rescue" is welcome addition to any child's or grandchild's bookshelf.

For more information the authors can be contacted directly at 1-800-922-4355 or via email - You can also find more information about "BagelHead to the Rescue" -

"BagelHead to the Rescue"

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