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Passover Tradition a-la J.T.S. Website

JTS's illustrative and popular educational website, learn@jts and inspirational evening holiday workshops answer more than just the four requisite questions that are asked each year at the Passover seder table. They provide keen insights into this favorite of all Jewish holidays. This year, Passover begins at sundown on Saturday, April 7, when Jews everywhere sit down with family and friends to recount the story of Moses, his sister Miriam and the Hebrews' exodus from slavery into freedom.

With something for everyone, the JTS online learning center brings you passover@jts with features like: Kids' Corner, an interactive guide for kids and their parents where participants can hold a virtual seder; Rabbi Isaac Klein's classic Guide to Jewish Religious Practice with all the "whos, whats, whys and wheres" of Passover; a list of recommended haggadot; an article on freedom by JTS faculty member, Judith Hauptman, "Pesah: A Liberating Experience for Women"; and a special guide to managing the preparations when Passover comes right after Shabbat.

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