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Children's Passover Literature

by Professor Judy Salwen

Every Pesach I look for new books for children about the holiday, and the best I find every year is published by Kar-Ben Books (800-4-Karben). Absolutely delightful, and for all ages, are the colorful adventures framing Passover such as "Where Is the Afikomen?," "I Have Four Questions," "Let's Have a Seder!," "The Passover Parrot," "The Carp in the Bathtub" (and, here I am reminded of the deliciously funny stories Alan King tells) and the ever popular, "Sammy Spider's First Passover."

In addition, Kar-Ben publishes original, uniquely designed family Haggadahs, and musical cassettes such as "Songs for a Family Seder." Look into these offerings. They will make your family Passovers even more enjoyable then they already are.

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