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Letter to Editor


Dear Editor:

The Israeli parliament recently gave its preliminary approval to legislation stating that a national referendum on giving away the Golan Heights must be approved by over 50% of all eligible voters, rather than over 50% of those who actually vote in the referendum. That will mean, in effect, that a Golan surrender would require the approval of about 60% of those who vote in the referendum. Critics have claimed the legislation is "racist," because one its effects could be that it will reduce the impact of Israeli Arabs' votes.

Even if Israel were 100% Jewish, there should still be a requirement that there be a substantial majority for issues of such magnitude. The issue is not who is voting; the issue is that everything must be done to ensure that there is no major split in the Israeli people. That's why virtually every Western Democracy requires a two-thirds or larger majority in their parliaments to approve any treaty with a foreign country. Even the kibbutz where Ehud Barak once lived. Mishmar Hasharon, requires a special two-thirds majority "for decisions that affect the way of live on the kibbutz."

Morton A. Klein
National President
Zionist Organization of America

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