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Letter to Editor

A Case for Universal Security For All Jews

Dear Editor:

Although a Jew should observe all the commandments of the Torah, only because we have been commanded by Hashem to do them, nevertheless, each commandment has its specific benefit. The commandment that helps to security, and which is applicable to males and females alike, is the Mitzva of placing a kosher Mezuza on each doorpost of a home, business, school, etc. and the Mezuzos that are already there should be checked periodically to ascertain that they are kosher.

The Mitzva whose benefit is that the "nations of the world will fear you," is the Mitzva of Teffillin, which is applicable to males above the age of thirteen years old. To wear them every day, except for Shabbos and Yom Tov and also are to be checked to see that they are kosher.

The commandment whose benefit is peace, and which is applicable to everyone, is charity, which should be given to Jewish institutions and individuals, and especially to the land of Israel and especially to Torah learning academies. Not only to do these oneself, but out of Ahavas Yisroel - the love for a fellow Jew, to influence other Jews to get involved.

And may this drive bring us to a blessed new year with the ultimate blessing of the coming of Moshiach.

Hershel Pekkar
Brooklyn, NY

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